Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

Poem For Nelson Mandela

Khoer Jurzani

Light's flames in your eyes
to: Nelson Mandela

i don't know if morning will be so quiet,
after we spent the bitter night,
it was not too quiet night

light's flames in your eyes,
doesn't enough to made my night glowing,
maybe it needs five or ten more lights,
so loneliness that stayed in every corner in my self
can be lessened

i want along the nights
we go around, talking about everything
or about your escape--it doesn't matter
u were wearing tattered shoes and faded jeans
then i'll shed
thickest yearning--it's like coffee's colour
that you've ordered from a Sir called night

but what for i know who your name
if i am going to lose in the end